September 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

With temperamental weather and temperature changes, fall presents a challenging time for styling clothes. It is time to get prepared to face this coming season with full fashion force. This Fashionista’s look gave me inspiration for how to overcome these obstacles.

The first and foremost key to mastering fall is layering. Addition and subtraction of layers allows for quick adaptability to those temperature changes. I was immediately drawn to the gorgeous shade of olive in this Fashionista’s jacket. The jacket is the outermost layer that will be seen so invest in a high quality one that stands out and is made to last. Earth tones like this are perfect for fall since they are complimentary to the colors of the changing leaves. The draping of the jacket is stunning as well. Loose fitting jackets can add a lot over skinny jeans, bodycon dresses and other fitted pieces. Creating contrast with the fit of clothes helps define your shape in a tasteful way. Adapt this to your own wardrobe by making it your mission to find a couple jackets that will provide flair in addition to warmth.

Underneath the Fashionista has a basic white T-shirt, an essential to any Fashionista’s wardrobe. Her slightly ripped jeans add a rough around the edges vibe to this look. The casual pieces work well in contrast to the elegance of the jacket. The details in this Fashionista’s outfit are subtle but chic. Her simple circle necklace and bracelets tie together this minimalistic look. This edgy black alligator purse is a good style and size for carrying all the fall essentials. Appropriate exposure of skin is another key to mastering fall weather. Try to show a little skin before months of needing to be bundled to the max. These nude strappy sandals help the look become a transition rather than a leap from summer to fall. It also allows summer pieces to get extra mileage before being put into storage for a year.

Make sure you have your go-to jackets and accessories for this fall season. You never know what obstacles the weather may bring!

One Simple Change: Want to quickly take this look from day to night? Swap out the jeans for a fitted black leather skirt. Toss on some black booties and you are all set to hit the town.