WHAT TO WEAR: Exploring Paradise

Sometimes we need a burst of summer during the cold, gloomy winter months. We are craving the warmth of the sun shining on our skin, or the sight of vibrant life and radiating energy. One of the best ways to get out of your winter funk is to visit paradise—a paradise where you don’t have to travel far: your local botanic garden. That is exactly what this Fashionista did. In the midst of surrounding green life and bright, exotic flowers, I spotted this outfit at the United States Botanic Garden—right here in our nation’s capital.

It was one of the warmer D.C. days. Sunshine permeated throughout the city and gave that “spring vibe.” Light layering was crucial for this Fashionista’s ability to stay warm outside while also staying some-what cool in the sweltering hot greenhouse. Her cranberry colored skater dress and burgundy boots stay current with the crimson trends that we see during winter months. Dresses are always the best for clammy, summer weather as they help you stay light and cool. Her ability to layer with this knit cardigan perfectly balance the cooler weather outside and the broiling tropical paradise that was being explored inside.

After chatting with this Fashionista, she reminded me of the importance of balance. Trying to figure out what to wear when you’re in two extremes—hot and cold—can be extremely difficult. But remembering this tip will save you during your wardrobe crisis: when in doubt, layer it out!