It’s that time of year again students. Brace yourselves folks, exams are upon us. I will be the first to admit that I have committed some pretty vile fashion crimes in the past while under the influence of the mixed cocktail that is stress and a lack of sleep that exam time can promote. In the past I have left my house, having not showered, hair in a dirty messy bun, oversize sweatpants that I probably slept in the night before, and the most worn out pair of old UGG boots that have been begging me to let them rest in peace for years now.

But exam time really does not need to feel or look like this. With a little organization and remembering to keep things simple you can go into this exam season with confidence in your knowledge of any subject including fashion. After all, when you look good it’s easy to feel good and the best way to cope with anxiety of exam season is confidence and some always welcomed self love.

This Fashionisto knows how to balance his busy class schedule and putting together a great look. What’s his secret? Simplicity. The worst thing you can do going into an exam is over think it, convince yourself you haven’t retained a thing from class and overwhelm yourself to the point that you freak out during the exam. Instead keep your thoughts managed and focus and you have a much better chance of keeping your cool in the exam. The same goes for style.

This Fashionisto chose to stick to basics with an always reliable neutral palette and clean, structured lines. For his look he went with a great pair of dark gray jeans which play perfectly off of his light gray, fitted sweater. Since he could be running off to an exam his footwear absolutely must be practical and so he completes the gray scale with a pair of crisp black runners. Like the cherry on top of a much deserved post exam treat, the outfit is topped off with a classic and modern long line coat.

He keeps the accessories to a minimum because who has the time to layer on the bling when you have 4 papers, a group project, and an exam all before lunch? So he grabs a great pair of shades which can also help to conceal the dark circles that are a result of study time cutting into (and going far past) bedtime.

With this great look you’re ready to ace any exam put in front of you!