WHAT TO WEAR: Errands for the Chic

Running errands does not always have to result in grabbing joggers or a matching sweatsuit. It takes just as much time to put on some cute jeans as those leggings, so run errands in a modern casual style.

This Fashionisto is wearing a casual chic outfit that is perfect for running around the town for errands. More importantly, it is also practical for the cold weather season. The look is very minimalistic, with no pop of color or pattern, but it is very sleek and stylish. The pea coat from River Island is a fabulous green which contrasts beautifully. Looking for a more fast fashion jacket? Get one from Zara. PLAC specializes in ready to wear and unique denim. The scattered white paint splatters give the look a hint of flair.

In just one glance you might think that this is the average winter outfit, but the mixture of different textiles throughout the outfit is what makes this look complete. The sweater is terrycloth, the jacket is wool, the backpack has some added leather, and the denim adds some color. This Fashionisto is an exchange student from Korea, and it is always super exciting to see what fashion aesthetics my international friends will bring. While most students may carry around a normal Under Armour backpack or just their wallet, this boxy backpack is perfect. It is from VENQUE and is called the Flatsquare Grey. It is very different than what you typically see around campus. This Fashionisto loves to wear designer brands, and unique items that may even catch on to starting a trend. Although this bag is unisex, the Fashionista version of this bag may include a smaller square backpack from Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, or Michael Kors. WhoWhatWear has a “Go by Now Backpacks” slideshow with varying colors and textiles. Want some metallic? Grab the Phase 3 ‘City’ Backpack.

As for the shoes, one can never go wrong with Doc Martens. They are sturdy, durable, and match just about everything. Looking for something that is more of a shoe than a boot? The Doc Marten COMME DES GARDONS are sophisticated and stylish. The coat is River Island. River Island has just about everything on their site, and it is affordable as well. As for the glasses, they are by Tart and add another sense of simplicity to the outfit. So the next time you are out running errands, or just running to go get some coffee, spice up your outfit. Stay away from the comfy sweats and step into something that may evoke someone to compliment you, or ask where you got one of the pieces you are wearing!