The struggle is all to real for all of us when we want to be cute but need a practical outfit to get our day-to-day duties done. Most of the time I just want to throw on some sneakers and a comfy sweatshirt, but you never know who you’re going to meet when you’re out and about. So, you always have to look your best.

This look is a creative take on a casual vibe that is kind of sporty, yet kind of chill. It’s the perfect mix of cute and comfortable. This kind of look is extremely “in” right now due to the fact that it is super cute but is still easy to move around in, and it is not restrictive. This is exactly why it is perfect for running errands. From grocery shopping, to taking the kids you are babysitting to the zoo, it’s the perfect look. The top is a Lululemon athletics top so it is breathable and comfortable. The leggings are from Aritzia, so once again they are super comfortable and made from really good material. The shoes are Puma sneakers with an extra high, high-top, that have good support in case you have to walk a lot during your errands. The purse is a draw-string bag so it is easy open and close, and even though it looks small it surprisingly holds a lot! These bags can be found anywhere but my advice is to check out local boutiques! Finally, the sunglasses (which are my favorite part) are from Quay! Reflective shades are so in this season and add so much to any look. There are so many variations of this look that any of you Fashionistas/os can try out, but the main idea is comfortable yet chic.

One Simple Change: Even though this look is great for running errands if you have a great date night planned but no time to change, one simple switch of the shoes can completely revamp the look. Maybe a pair of booties, or Dr. Martens to add a little bit spunk to the look, but still keep it appropriate for a date night. If you are feeling super daring you could even put a high heel on and completely change the vibe.