August 2nd, 2016 at 2:00am

When we were little, the summertime was all about pool days, camp trips and sleepovers. We would spend our days sleeping in, bike riding with friends and even occasionally complained that we were “bored.” As a college girl, especially a college Fashionista, this is not what summer is about. Sure, there are the pool days and friend outings, but for the most part we are running around—Either interning, taking summer courses or just trying to plan out the rest of our lives. We are people with full schedules which is why errand day is so important. Errand day is less about getting the mundane done and more about not drowning in life. That is why it is essential to have a killer errand outfit.

Retreating into a boring pair of jeans and a T-shirt to run errands is so high school. First of all, go into your errand look with the right mindset. You have to be positive about the day, this is going to be the day that you are going to accomplish what you need to get done. The key to any look is comfort, if you are thinking about how much your heels are killing you, chances are you’ll forget to drop off your dry cleaning. That is why this Fashionista started smart from the ground up. Cute flat sandals are essential to any summer errand look—They will keep your feet looking cute and comfy. Canvas pants are your go-to pant for the summer because they are cool and roomy, plus army green is an “in” color for the summer. Keep your top simple—a black v-neck tank is the perfect solution. Don’t forget about details: Grabbing a pair of sunglasses, a water or a book can make a difference in the day. You’ll be prepared for anything—rain or shine.

This entire look has a very relaxed vibe, which is perfect because the last thing anybody wants on errand day is to be stressed. With this outfit ensemble you will be feeling comfortable and fashionable all day. The time will feel less like a boring errand day and more like a day of accomplishment.

One Simple Change: The best part about wearing an outfit of neutral colors is that accessory options are endless. This look can be the perfect day to night ensemble, just throw on a cute jean jacket and flowery summer scarf and you’ll be ready to brave the chilly night. You can run errands all day and then meet your girlfriends for dinner on the pier right after, all without ever having to run home.