June 29th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hot summer days with a cool breeze of fashion. I caught this Fashionista strutting downtown looking fabulous and comfortable at the same time. The outfit she was wearing was totally perfect for a quick change after a photo-shoot and also perfect for running errands around town. This Fashionista was so vibrant and full of energy after leaving her photo-shoot. The style she portrayed was effortlessly chic and matched with her great personality. I was extremely excited to capture her undeniable style, and she was down. This fashionista was ready to strike a pose and show off her style. To be quite honest, this fashionista reminded me of the fabulous Kendall Jenner with her flawless brunette hair.

Basics are always necessary when building a wardrobe. The basics can be paired up to dress an outfit up or down. This fashionista completely nailed it with her effortless style. The perfect white v neck tee, blue distressed denim jeans. Who needs a belt when you can tie your hoodie around your distressed denim jeans and basic T-shirt? It’s great to be able to pair an outfit together with plenty of basics to choose from. While running errands and running around like a loose chicken you definitely want to be comfortable. A comfortable tee that you can wear over and over again. The hippest of the hip jeans to add personality to the overall look. Let’s not forget the booties that complete the whole look. The inspired club mastered Ray-Ban shades she’s wearing are classic and perfect for the sunny summer days.

One Simple Change: Overall I loved the outfit and I think it would also be perfect for travelling attire. I would suggest switching the booties to high-top Converse. The hoodie could be changed to a plaid flannel shirt to add the extra edge. I think sneakers would go better with the outfit if you are travelling and doing tons of walking. The flannel shirt is perfect to tie around and also to cover you while travelling, it can get pretty cold on trains and airplanes.