As most of us head back home for the summer and gear up for new internships or prepare for a study abroad trip, we all have pretty lengthy to-do lists. I know mine always consists of swinging by the post office to mail back my textbooks and gathering up some much loved clothing to drop off at the nearest Plato’s Closet.  Whatever errands you may need to run, this is the perfect look for you.

Sporting a hot pink sleeveless top with cuffed jean capris and gladiator sandals, this Fashionista knows how to run her errands in style. As a sophomore at University of South Carolina, she mixes the perfect amount of comfy with cute for the summer heat of the south. Her top features a printed floral pattern and splash of vibrant color that catches the eye without overpowering it. To accentuate this floral pattern, she paired a gold leaf necklace with her top. This subtle detail helps make her outfit appear dressier without trying too hard.  She also accomplishes a more put-together look by styling her hair in a half-back ponytail rather than simply throwing it up in a sloppy bun on top of her head. Even though I would never knock the convenience of a messy bun, this simple change-up can help you feel and look more energized during your errands to avoid that inevitable midday energy slump. That same concept applies to her choice of denim capris. Rather than trudging through her errands in stretched-out basic black leggings, she decided to wear a cute pair of fitted jeans with cuffed bottoms for added effect.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a great pair of yoga pants as much as the next college student. However, lets face it—you feel way more motivated to be productive with your day in an actual pair of pants. Shocking, I know. Although the cuffs on her capris may go initially unnoticed, the added touch contributes to a more polished overall look. This Fashionista also chose to bring a light-weight cardigan along with her on her errands run, probably because the air conditioning in the summertime can be so unpredictable. Looking at you, freezer aisle at the grocery store. Her look definitely shows that efficiency in style can transfer to efficiency in errands.

One Simple Change:  Heading over to meet the parents after a busy day of errands? One simple way to dress it up would be to change the hair style. Try some loose curls to take this outfit from casual and comfy to cute and adorable. His mom will love the extra effort and his dad will still appreciate the casual look.