April 18th, 2016 at 2:00am

VCU’S campus is abloom with springtime, but the weather isn’t so friendly. As the old song goes, “April showers bring May flowers”; but we’re getting less showers and more brisk mornings, delightful afternoons and frozen nights. How is a fabulous Fashionista supposed to dress for so many seasons in one day? The answer is simple, my dear. While dogs are a man’s best friend and women love diamonds, no college Fashionista can turn down a beautiful bounty of layers.

Ditch the oversized coat and opt for light, breathable materials that will last all day yet can keep you warm or cool with the changing weather of the day. A cream colored knit shirt will go with everything and keep you warm while a faux leather jacket will keep the wind at bay. Accompany this duo with long boots over a fitted pair of blue jeans to top off the look. Once upon a time, your outfit wasn’t complete without a smile, but I say no outfit is complete without a little bling. My Fashionista kept her bling simple and sweet making her outfit effortless and easy for a quick trip to the library, a study session at Starbucks or girl talk at the quad.

One Simple Change: When the weather is “delightful afternoon” instead of “brisk morning”, roll up the sleeves of your knit top and cuff your jeans about an inch. Leave the tall boots in the closet, try a comfy flat and add a watch. Now, you’re cute and casual for an impromptu date night or swinging by your boyfriend’s house to see his parents. Anything goes in the world of fashion.