November 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

Every college girl’s wish is to wake up from bed with perfect hair, makeup and outfit. But sadly, we all know this is too good to be true and sometimes we wonder why it’s just so hard being a girl. You know what I mean, there are those days when applying makeup or putting together an outfit just sounds too difficult and time-consuming. But the real test comes when we have to step out the house for a few errands. This Fashionista sure knows what to do on days like this without sacrificing time or energy in getting ready.

This Fashionista shows us how she kept her outfit casual and comfy from head to toe. She paired her marble print tee with, of course, a pair of black ripped knee skinnies. A distressed jean instantly screams comfort while still being stylish. But my favorite part of her outfit has to be the leather cap. Adding a touch of leather to your outfit is one of the easiest ways to bring an edgy vibe to your look. Plus, if you’re too lazy to apply makeup just to run some errands, a hat will do the trick! Lastly, a pair of comfy shoes is a must, so this Fashionista went with her Tory Burch flip flops to help her get through the day.

One Simple Change: If you want to make this outfit more class appropriate, just switch the flip flops for some sneakers and go easy on the accessories if casual is your goal! The combination of the sneakers and hat will also be a great way to achieve a sporty look.