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October 12th, 2015 at 2:06am

So everybody, it is officially fall! This means that all schools are in session, which means, of course, endless jam-packed schedules and things to do. We all have those days that we want to throw on a T-shirt and some Nike sport shorts and run out the door to pick up some last minute necessities (me, almost every day), but resist the urge! When you are out running errands or meeting with people, you want to look presentable no matter what.

This Fashionista was spotted picking up beautiful hydrangeas at the local market during the weekend, right before she went to the pharmacy and met her close friend for a coffee date. She kept her outfit simple and casual with ripped skinny jeans and a plain white sweater, but the element that takes this look to the next level and makes it a winner is her brown floppy hat. I have always been in love with hats, and they are proving to be one of the most important and needed accessories of the season. You can see how much they add to an outfit by looking at this Fashionista. Hats are great because they complete a look.

When going to buy last minute items during a busy day, it is hard to find the motivation to wear a stylish outfit. Yet if and when you do, you will feel so much more confident in doing so. Wearing an outfit like this looks effortless, and a lot better than a T-shirt and sport shorts.

One Simple Change: Want to make this outfit a bit more dressy incase you have a lunch date? Switch out the ripped jeans for a dark-wash pair and add some jewelry. Necklaces and bracelets would be best so they aren’t hidden by your floppy hat!