People say that beauty is pain, but I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be! Between running to classes, studying and squeezing in some shuteye, it can be hard to find time to check off your to-do list, let alone find something to wear. When it comes to clothes in college, comfort takes precedence over everything, but that doesn’t mean your comfy look can’t be cute too. It’s time to trade in your running shorts and oversized sweatshirt for a RAD look that will make the grocery store aisles your runway.

This Fashionista’s relaxed look is the perfect solution. Her high-waisted jeggings do double duty: not only do they provide the cozy, flexible fit of leggings perfect for a busy day, but they mimic the sleek look of jeans.

Kimonos are everywhere for fall. This Fashionista styles her maroon kimono by incorporating the shade throughout her whole look. Try experimenting with a unicolor palette to make your errand ensemble a little more neutral and casual. Throwing on a kimono over your favorite jeans and T-shirt will chic up your look and complete your outfit from head to toe. Plus, this style provides robe like comfort for your jam-packed day, and who wouldn’t want to wear their robe all day?

Polish off your look with simple accessories that reflect your personality. Our Fashionista includes a small bag to hold her essentials and lighten her load. Accessorize your wrist with a watch in your favorite metal finish so you don’t lose track of time while you’re out and about. Watches are where functional meets fashionable.

One Simple Change: To transition this outfit for a night out with the girls, swap out the tank top and sandals for a crop top and a pair of booties. This look will be perfect for hitting the town, not just running around it!