Most college students are only into the second or the third week of school, and are already fully immersed in their schedules. Each day there is a new duty that deepens our pool of responsibilities. Adding to our already hectic lives, weekly errands is an obligation we all dread. Frankly, comfort is at the top of our priority list when running back and forth across campus completing personal tasks. And for me this also includes finding the right Fashionistos/as! However, for those of us who love fashion, we know pretty that dressing comfortably does not negate our ability to look RAD!

This Fashionisto knows how to run errands in style. He chooses to dress smart-casual as his style of preference to complete the usual Sunday tasks. This Fashionisto pairs a plain crew neck white T-shirt with cuffed black chino pants as the foundation of his effortless ensemble.  He smartens up the look with black slip-on leather sneakers. Strolling the Bostonian streets, his urban swag evoked by this gray mesh bomber jacket complements the modern aesthetic of the city. His style asserts that simplicity is sophistication. This Fashionisto does an excellent job at maintaining a balance between comfort and fashion that make running errands feel less tedious without dressing overboard.

One Simple Change: This Fashionisto’s Sunday errands style can also be transformed for a day of class. He could easily dress down by switching his black chino pants with a pair of knit joggers. This simple change offers an even more comfortable alternative that would change his look from smart-casual to sporty-chic.