Being in college and living on your own is pretty great—until you realize you no longer have someone magically stocking the fridge with food, or the bathroom with hand soap. All of a sudden, running errands quickly becomes a dreaded addition to your already busy schedule.

Errands don’t have to be the worst. Here are a couple of ideas to make checking things off the to-do list a little less tedious: 1. Make a list. Being organized with a list of things you need to pick up or get done will make your tasks seem less daunting. Plus, you’ll gain extra satisfaction each time you get to cross something off. 2. Bring a friend. More than likely, one of your friends also hasn’t been to the grocery store all week. Bring them along and turn your day of errands into a bonding experience. 3. Get a Costco card. Or have your parents get one and put you on their account. Everything is in bulk, which cuts down the number of times you have to pick up essentials. Plus, by shopping at Costco you can skip out on lunch and enjoy all the free samples! 4. Wear a great outfit. Even if you’re just heading to get more toothpaste and toilet paper, a good outfit is still important. The key is to not look like you’ve tried too hard; while also not looking like a hot mess. This Fahionista’s outfit is great for running errands, it’s cool and casual. It’s not screaming for attention, but it’s also not crying for help. The simple white T- shirt paired with her denim skort is effortless and practical. Her high-top sneakers and colorful ankle socks show her fun personality and that she clearly put some thought into her appearance without overdoing it.

One Simple Change: Treat yo ‘self! After you’ve accomplished all of your errands, trade your sneaks for a feminine pair of loafers or booties and grab some dinner with a few friends. The change of shoes will create a more put together and mature look, while allowing you to still feel comfortable and cool.