The beginning of the semester can bring about a mix of emotions for everyone. From the excitement of meeting new and old friends, to the stress of getting prepared for classes, Fashionistas have a ton their plate. While running errands to get textbooks, drinks and snacks, and some last minute supplies it can be easy to look fashionable, despite stress running through our minds!

I found this Fashionista on her way to pick up textbooks at the UD bookstore, dressed perfectly to run her errands. The simple black and white striped T-shirt dress is super easy to throw on because it requires very little effort but still looks great. The look accessorized with hipster black rimmed glasses (that are real by the way!), leaf cartilage earrings and 2 simple Parisian necklaces. One of my favorite accessories to this outfit is the map-faced watch. This watch can be worn with outfits dressy and casual, so it is well worth the buy! The pointed-toed flats worn by this Fashionista are perfect for a day probably full of walking from store to store. This two-toned shoe is another feature that not only dresses up the outfit but is also so versatile. This outfit is so simple, fashionable and perfect for running errands. No one could even tell but with the simplicity in this outfit I’m sure it is possible to get ready in less than 10 minutes! This semester may soon become stressful, but no stress will stop a Fashionista from looking fabulous.

One Simple Change: After all the books have been bought and the errands have been run this outfit can easily go from day to night. Just changing from flats to wedges, throwing out the glasses for contacts and letting your hair down can make this outfit fun, flirty and ready for a girl’s night out.