This Fashionista’s outfit definitely caught my attention with her brightly patterned pants. Knowing she was on her way out somewhere, I thought her look was the perfect answer to my biggest debate…comfort or fashion?

Whenever I have an errand day, I hate having to worry about too many accessories or too many details on an outfit; I know I’m going to be running in and out of different buildings and driving everywhere, so I just want to save myself the hassle. On the other hand, usually my errands are done on the weekend and I still want to get out of my monotonous office wear and dress up for the week. It’s always hard for me to figure out how to look stylish but still stay comfy and be able to get everything done in a timely manner. This Fashionista helped me finally figure it out!

Her outfit featured tropical printed joggers as the focal point. Not only did this bring attention to her look, but joggers are a great option for comfort. My favorite joggers from MANGO are plain black with leather details; despite their plain nature, I still receive a ton of compliments when I wear them. The great thing about joggers is whether your style is colorful like this Fashionista’s or more subdued like mine, the silhouette and comfort level is always a win! Just a tip: if you’re shopping for summer joggers (which are a staple for any on-the-go girl, in my opinion), make sure to buy light, airy fabrics. These fabrics will keep you cool, but also covered so you’re set for any temperature or weather that might occur.

To style the cute joggers, she used a plain black camisole and gold jewelry pieces. She let the pants be the main attraction. Her dainty pieces are small and won’t get in the way while she’s trying to get everything done and her plain black camisole will keep her outfit from looking too mixed up.

One Simple Change: Do you run your errands on the weekend like I do? Looking for a way to take your comfy joggers to a girl’s night out? Stick to joggers with darker color schemes. This way you can easily dress up your outfit with different accessories, a jacket (leather being my choice), and some heels. Slap on some red lipstick and you’re all set for a great night with your girlfriends!