As college students, there is rarely a time when we don’t have something on our to-do list. With classes upon us and fall internships beginning, the things that you need to get done once again are piling up. This is going to include some errands. Whether it is picking up textbooks, grocery shopping or getting some last minute things for your dorm/apartment, it is always a good idea to do it in style. I try to take advantage of the last warm month of the year as much as I can when it comes to how I dress. So even if I am running errands, I try to put some effort into my look and I caught this Fashionista doing the same thing.

She rocked a lightweight gray maxi dress that is perfect for summer. The elastic on the waist gave her a great shape while keeping the look simple. She paired it with a comfortable and cute brown sandal that won’t hurt her feet when running from errand to errand. Her accessories are simple and easy enough to throw on if you are in a hurry while adding some uniqueness to the look. Errands are not always the occasion to put a lot of time into your hair so a sloppy bun with a cute headband is a perfect choice. This Fashionista looks adorable and comfortable no matter where the day takes her even if it is just to the mall!

One Simple Change: Grab a denim jacket and this is a great outfit for your upcoming parent’s weekend!