Living on a tropical island makes typical and needed errands a hassle to complete. Especially if the errands take up your whole day and it is during the summer. Personally, I would much rather be at the beach or catching up with friends. However, things must be done from time to time and errands must be completed. The temperature during summer gets to unbearable heights, and it adds more complications to the normal struggles of running errands. The way to get dressed to go out and get stuff done is usually an outfit that makes you feels comfortable and mostly tailors to the place you live in. In Puerto Rico, you need to wear light colors and flowing fabrics in order to survive the deadly summer heat.

Since you will be in the same outfit a complete day, you need something that screams summer while making you feel comfortable. This Fashionista opted for a loose tank top in white. White is a pure color that does not absorb heat. It is perfect to hide any sweaty casualties from a day of running around and completing tasks. You also want to keep your feet cool, so, she wore cute lace-up sandals. Take advantage of the summer that you can bring out open shoes and especially sandals with intricate details for a pop in your look. I believe a purse or big bag is a must for a day of running errands. Everything you need should be with you at all times. You never know if you need something and it most likely will be in your bag. My favorite part of the look is the cut-off shorts. They scream summer in paradise while you are not really sipping on a piña colada. They are especially good to move around in and honestly will save you from a heat stroke that can be induced from long jeans. She topped it all off with cute sunglasses you can find almost anywhere.

One Simple Change: If you live in a place where it is a little chillier outdoors, opt for cute boyfriend jeans. If you are not running errands, for any occasion pair the long jeans and the white tank top with higher shoes and a nice clutch.