With back to school creeping up on us it is time to gather all of our supplies for the year; otherwise known as back to school shopping, which is honestly my favorite part of returning to classes. I am sure I cannot be the only one who enjoys buying school supplies and, now that we are in college, many of us possibly live in our own apartment or dorms and that takes back to school shopping to another level. On top of buying notebooks, now we need dorm essentials and other items that will help us survive living away from home.

I found this Fashionista running errands and shopping for her dorm while looking cute and comfy, the perfect combination for an outfit on a day that requires lots of running around. Her outfit is simple: first she starts off with a classic collared white T-shirt. It is flowy, so it does not keep her constricted from moving around all day. She then added denim cut-off shorts which adds a bit of spice to simple jean shorts and are much better to move in than tight jeans. Her look is completed with strappy black sandals that definitely give off a laid back, boho vibe and you definitely need good footwear that you can walk in all day.

Look cute while remaining comfortable while back to school shopping this year by taking some inspiration with my Fashionista of the week!

One Simple Change: Do you have any errands that you need to run right before class without time to change? Just carry your backpack or book bag with you so that you can go straight to class afterwards. This outfit is also the perfect lazy yet stylish look for class.