In my eyes, every moment out of the house is an opportunity to “dress to impress,” even if you are just getting the mail or buying groceries. Sometimes going out to run errands is a great moment for trying out the trends of the season. It’s a complicated situation because there is no specific person or people you want to impress, yet the whole world seems to watch as you go on with your business.

This Fashionista has the attitude and outfit to do just that. Wearing a tucked in white V-neck T-shirt, vertically striped flared pants, sandals with bedazzled straps and subtle accessories, she is ready to both get her errands done and show any passersby that she can do them in style. This summer, going ’70s retro is a great trend to follow. The trend shows up on spring/summer 2015 runways such as Gucci, Céline and Antonio Berardi. They work well with different pieces, and flares are perfect to practice a walk in while going out for your errands. The movement of the flares and the simplicity of a white T-shirt make for an easygoing look. Together with the sunglasses, ring, bracelet, earrings and watch, they show off her chic taste while staying as casual as you want.

I think what is best about this look is that the Fashionista works the outfit with confidence. It is one of those looks that gets better with each stride. So, next time you are out buying groceries, searching for school supplies or maybe running around the book store, try wearing some flared pants and a T-shirt.

One Simple Change: Feeling adventurous and want to take flared pants to a concert or that last summer festival? No problem! Change that simple T-shirt to a crop top, add some more necklaces from your collection to the look and you are ready to jam for the rest of the night!