We have all had one of those days, where we need to run around town and run errands. With the summer heat it can be a drag to leave the house without sweating like crazy. Just because you are running errands does not mean you need to give up on fashion for the day. I love seeing busy New Yorkers on the go; even if they are going to their local supermarket or picking up dry cleaning they never give up on fashion.

This Fashionista does that. She has a simple outfit perfect for the weather but also very comfortable. She is able to be out and about with this outfit. She starts off with a simple black shirt. What makes this stand out to me is the material; it is very thin allowing for anyone on the go to be able to feel the breeze as they walk. It is lightweight and makes her look stylish. Her shorts are also a simple pair of cuffed denim shorts. These are a casual find that works perfectly in the summer. The shirt allows for the shorts to be exposed more, as the shirt lifts up towards the center so we can see the shorts in their entirety. The shirt drapes on the sides to create a flowy, comfy look. Her shoes are gorgeous, and who says boots can’t be worn during the summer? The boots reach her ankles, which allows her legs to be highlights her height. They have a simple design on the side which makes it a versatile boot. Finally, her backpack is perfect to tie together the on the go look. She has a black leather backpack that matches her shoes perfectly. It is an easy way to carry everything you need so you feel comfortable and don’t need to worry about the shoulder pain purses can cause you.

One Simple Change: If you want to transform this look into a date night or late night outfit, you can do a few simple things to change it. Add a pair of leather shorts to go along with the shirt. It makes the outfit look more formal. Also, switch the backpack for a purse and a pair of heels, and you are ready to go!