During the summer, we tend to let go of everything and just relax. However, we—busy Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike—run around our respective cities doing errands countless of times. From grocery shopping to going to the laundromat, errands can be a hassle. They’re a minimal everyday occasion, but you can have the maximum amount of fun when picking out an outfit.

This Fashionisto is wearing the coolest tie-dye shirt from his recent vacation to Thailand. He decisively chose to pair it with a simple gold chain necklace. The shirt is made out of a super lightweight fabric that’s perfect for a summer breeze. Tie-dye shirts are a double-threat when it comes to fashion. First, each shirt is made unique. Second, there’s an aspect of vintage because it started out as a ‘60s fad. While picking up local food from the farmer’s market, if you’re wearing a tie dye shirt, you can totally get into a summer mood.

Also, he wore a thrifted pair of black Levi’s that’s cuffed above the ankles. Like all blast from the past clothing, I find it better to hunt for the best deal at secondhand shops, rather than pay full price at Urban Outfitters. Clearly, this Fashionisto knows what he’s doing because he nailed the casual vintage look. All Fashionistas/os should start cuffing their jeans for added style. Not only will they be more fitted but, it’s nice to roll ‘em up on a hot day. As the fashion gods say, it’s a need to cuff jeans.

To finish off his ensemble, this Fashionista walks in white Converse sneakers, then tops it off with his black Nike baseball cap. Although errands can be boring, it doesn’t mean you have to be—wear a colorful tie-dye shirt and vintage jeans.

One Simple Change: Drop off your groceries at home, then easily transition into a pair of boat shoes for a casual brunch with friends or that special someone.