I can’t believe July is already coming to a close. The pressure of getting ready for college is already making its way into my everyday thoughts. Packing, replenishing school supplies and a little (maybe a lot) of updating my wardrobe for the cooling temperatures are amongst the main things I need to accomplish within the next month.

These tasks have a name, and one which makes me cringe a little: errands. They’re things we have to do but not necessarily want to do. So, if we have to, why not look good while doing it?

I ran into this Fashionista downtown. She had about a million things to do that day, but she combined comfort and style to create an outfit perfect for running around town. Her fashion staples, such as the cream sweater and black leggings are taken to the next level with shoulder cutouts and gold zippers. Both elements add interest to her look and make it the epitome of casual-chic. Her black bag is the perfect accessory. The gold detailing coincides with her leggings and the dual strap helps her hands stay free for finding everything she needs to get back to school.

One Simple Change: A little warmer where you are? Swap out leggings for a pair of denim boy shorts. Another option would be to trade in the sweater for a more light weight option. Opt for a T-shirt or tank top with cutout detailing. That way you stay cool and comfortable for whatever the day has in store.