Whenever you need to run errands, you want to feel as comfortable as possible. Chances are you’ll be walking around for long periods of time, so comfortable shoes and an outfit appropriate for the weather are really important to keep in mind. It’s never a bad idea to grab a jacket in case the warm, summer temperatures start to drop or you have to walk into a cold place.

When I saw this Fashionista, I loved how cute she looked in such an effortless way. Her white denim shorts are great for the summer; they are very comfortable and, not to mention, incredibly cute. Her white Keds slip-ons are really comfortable and allow her to walk for long periods of time without getting tired. Her jean jacket adds a lot to her outfit; not only is it helpful in case it gets colder outside, but it also adds a pop of color with the different denim tone. Rolling up the sleeves makes it comfortable enough to wear if it is warm outside as well as making it look more casual.

I really like how simple the outfit is, yet this Fashionista managed to look cute and girly in the most comfortable way possible. The addition of the bracelet with the cross and the ring gives her a very feminine, delicate touch. This Fashionista has been able to prove that sometimes less is more, especially when you are out and about during the day.

One Simple Change: Are you getting ready to go back to school? It’s important to also feel comfortable when the semester is starting, so just switch the shirt for a print sleeveless tank top and you’ll definitely stand out in a really cute way.