Summer days can consist of many things, such as time spent at the pool, amusement parks, vacations or just simply running errands around town. The perfect outfit, though, is a must for the occasion. Something that is easy to move around in, but still looks cute at the same time. Nothing that is too over the top, but still classic and put together.

This Fashionista’s look is just this. She styled a simple navy-gray T-shirt a basic staple piece, with a pair of dark black denim washed shorts. The shorts, if you look closely, have some distressing in them, which is a big trend sported during these summer months. For accessories, she added a pair of dangling earrings that are silver and black, at the end of which they form a star. With the earrings, a simple stone bracelet with an accent of red in the middle was also added. For shoes, she wore a pair of black and tan sandals. This look, while simple, is ideal for a day of running around shopping with friends, grocery shopping or just picking up the necessities for the rest of your week.

One Simple Change: To change this look for a more dressed up look for a vacation day, simply switch up the black T-shirt for a white lace one and add a black brimmed hat to complete you look. This, while still simple, will look more dressed up for a day in your location whether it be a day around Rome or to explore the town by the beach.