Running errands isn’t the most exciting thing to do on your day off. Walking up and down the aisles of a grocery store isn’t exactly walking down a runway, but it’s always best to look decent. Outfits on errand days need to be comfortable but not too comfortable because you never know who you’ll run into.

I found this Fashionista in a Japanese grocery store, looking gorgeous in her simple yet chic outfit. She wore olive chino pants that looked very comfortable but—more importantly—versatile. The key point in any piece that I buy is versatility because I want to get the most out of any investment. With these pants, they would be easy to throw on but they would also look nice in a business casual outfit. She paired the pants with what seems like a plain black shirt from the front but ended up being a striped shirt in the back. The back of the shirt was sheer and striped, giving a nice touch to the back. And finally she finished it off with a pair of sandals that I absolutely loved. The sandals were strappy but were zigzag straps instead of normal straps, making the detailing on the sandals adorable. The suede also made these sandals not a shoe that you had to break in and were perfect for a run into town. The fact they are closed toe also meant you didn’t have to freak out about your much needed pedicure. Running errands may be tedious, but it’s always nice to see someone put effort into their outfit while doing so.

One Simple Change: You can switch out the casual top for a button-up and the sandals for a pair of flats or heels to make the perfect interview outfit.