July 15th, 2015 at 2:10am

I never really understood why Lana Del Rey would release a song about summertime sadness. Aside from the fact that she seems like a glass-half-empty kind of gal, I just couldn’t get behind the idea of sulking during (arguably) the best time of the year. And then it hit me. As I’m about to walk out the door to enjoy my day by the pool, I notice my overdue library book sitting on the counter, which was then followed by a whole slew of “to-do’s” that overwhelm my head at once. Mail a “thank you card”, pick up my sister from work at four, drop-off a pair of shoes I borrowed, reorder my contacts…the list went on. The errands were enough to ruin my pool day and have me running all over creation. The reason for summertime sadness, I realized, were errands—and maybe a heart break or two- but mostly errands.

So you can’t ignore your responsibilities, even if it has crossed your mind once or twice. However, boosting your morale with a trendy look may be just what the doctor ordered for a case of errand-induced summer blues.

This Fashionista knew exactly how to keep things interesting while running around town. Her retro look is the perfect balance between functionality and fashion, showing off her groovy side with a bold floral pattern and even bolder color scheme. Her floral button-down blouse is enough to make Donna from That ’70s Show jealous, taking center stage as the focal point of her look. The long sleeves are easily rolled up for a sudden heat wave, creating a more relaxed look while allowing this Fashionista to adapt to the unexpected. I love how she coordinates the blues of the blouse to match her royal blue corduroy shorts, alluding to an almost monochromatic look. Whether she’s off to the bank or just grabbing a cup of coffee on the go, this Fashionista is ready for anything she may encounter while out and about. By pairing her blouse with shorts, she keeps her look casual while still turning heads at every stop along the way.

Her metallic, closed toe sandals are a great contrast to the bold blues and pinks in her blouse and shorts. These sandals add a neutral tone to mellow out the colors on her top half–not to mention the much appreciated pop of glitter! Opting for a sturdy, flat sandal is always a good call when running around. No one wants to trip or lose a shoe, especially when they look that cute! A brown cross-body bag completes the look and keeps this Fashionista prepared as she ventures off to complete those errands in style.

One Simple Change: Done running around and want to relax with a well-deserved dinner downtown? Unwind and try swapping out the cords for white denim for a fresh look that’s both mature and fun.