Whenever I flip open any celebrity gossip magazine somewhere I am confronted with the title, “Stars, they’re just like us!” I then get to view a collage of photographs of celebrities that are filling up the gas in their car or at the grocery store. The lifestyles of the rich and famous are supposed to be shrouded in unattainable glamour, but here they are being so…normal. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t filling up the tank of their car in a pair Jimmy Choo stilettos.

Most of us do not have the luxury of a personal stylist who can put together a fabulous outfit for us so we can run out to get groceries for the apartment. A lesson that I’ve learned is the key to looking fabulous when running errands is to wear basics.

I spotted this Fashionista when she was out and about running errands, she caught my eye with her simplicity. She wore basic black leggings, a denim shirt and a cute pair of low wedge sandals. Of course, every Fashionista isn’t complete without her accessories and this one was no different, she added a watch, a cute pair of sunglasses and a cross-body basic black bag.

Going basic is something that should be appreciated more often. While going funky is amazing and can give you so much confidence, basics have the power to let you do what needs to be done and not distract from your natural beauty and comfort.

Functional fashion is an amazing thing and should be taken advantage of more often.

One Simple Change: If you’re going to meet some friends for brunch after running back from your morning errands, swap out your leggings for some cute, bright-colored shorts that you can tuck your denim shirt into.