July 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

It’s already July and before you know it school will begin once again. You might be working part-time now or doing an internship and maybe you are busier then you would like to be. I found this Fashionista running errands of her own, and she shows us how to do so in style.

The Fashionista’s outfit has a lot of trends that are in for the summer and have been popular since the fall, for example, the high waistline. She wears a black tank top and a pair of light-washed high-waisted denim shorts (a trend that’s been going strong). A lightweight gray cardigan on top and a brown messenger bag on her shoulder. This is perfect for running errands because you can sling the purse across your body and walk to where you need to go without being afraid the purse strap might fall off your shoulder. This makes it a must when you’re going around doing errands. For jewelry the Fashionista wears a gold geometric dainty necklace. A pair of sunglasses to block the sun and a thin brown belt completes the look. Her shoes also go with the theme in her outfit, a simple pair of light brown sandals.

They say a little goes a long way and that’s very true for this outfit. The Fashionista has simple pieces that all work well together. Running errands in a well put outfit, like dressing well for a test, helps you feel like you can tackle various tasks at hand. So even if you’re just doing errands that day a piece of jewelry or a nice purse can really elevate your look. Who doesn’t want to look good?

One Simple Change: You can easily change this outfit to go with more of a girls night out look by just switching the sandals for a pair of wedges since it’s the summer.