July 8th, 2015 at 2:00am

Not long ago, when the busyness and general grind of the school year was weighing me down, I remember finding solace in the idea of relaxing summer days, spent tanning in the sun and lounging with friends. To be fair, some of those mirages came true, at least for the first two or three weeks right after the spring semester. But then in a flash, the reality of internships and summer jobs arrived and I was back in the race.

Alas, we all must work to earn our keep and continue to learn and grow. Such is the attitude of this recently discovered Fashionista, sporting her most versatile outfit. I have said this about dresses before, and the same is true for rompers and jumpsuits: so much time can be saved by letting go of the notion that everything you wear has to match. It really can be as easy as throwing it on, accessorizing, and marching out the door. If you are like me (and this Fashionista), your days are simply packed; not only do your outfits need to be assembled quickly, they need to be worn and adapted throughout the day for multiple occasions.

The simple black romper you see pictured above is perfect for a hot day of run-around errands. It is also fancy enough to be worn to almost any evening event, such as dinner or a night out with friends. The black romper is coordinated with a black cross-body bag, black sunglasses, strappy gold sandals and simple gold jewelry. Now that is a color scheme I can get behind.

One Simple Change: Swap the sandals for some wedges and this look can be worn to your favorite restaurant with a group of friends or maybe a date night with someone special.