With so much more free time in the three months of summer, it’s very likely your mom, dad, sister or friend will send you on an abundant list of errands, whether that’s grocery shopping, picking up presents for a birthday party or going to the bank. And no homework means the “I’m too busy” response won’t fly. So with an inevitable and endless to-do list on your schedule for the summer, make sure you’re checking off each task in the best way possible—in an outfit that is comfortable and stylish.

This Fashionista is wearing the perfect outfit for a long day spent running errands. It’s comfortable, casual and super cute! What could be better? She is rocking a pair of drawstring denim joggers that offer the same comfort level as sweatpants. They are like an upgraded pair of jogging pants that are approved to wear when you are out and about. The right pair should be fitted at the waist and ankles, leaving room throughout the legs. Denim joggers are a mixture of sweatpants and jeans, so you’re getting the best of both worlds!

She pairs her denim joggers with a rose patterned crop top. It’s a simple top that adds some fun to the overall ensemble with it’s bold pop of rose red. She completes her errand-running and fashion-approved look by throwing on a lightweight cream colored kimono. Nothing is worse than walking into the frozen aisle of a grocery store in a tank top and no jacket. The kimono protects her from the colder errands and adds an airy element to her casual look. She completes her outfit with a pair of brown ballet flats and a gorgeous dark green tote bag.

This Fashionista is sporting an outfit that is comfortable, easy to move around in and super stylish. There’s no need to compromise your style when running errands and this Fashionista proves just that!

One Simple Change: If you plan on attending one of the millions of concerts going on this summer, simply swap out the top for a tighter black crop top. Add some fun heels, a leather jacket and a swipe of your favorite bold lipstick. Now you can rock out in comfort and style.