Saturdays are usually my one day a week to do whatever I want, from shopping and lunch with a friend to trying to be an adult and getting my errands done. Whether it’s running around town, paying credit card payments and parking tickets or buying a birthday present for a friend, you’re constantly running from place to place with your Starbucks in one hand and keys in the other.

So what do you wear for those busy days? I try to stay as comfortable as I can, but also try to not look like I just rolled out of bed. While I was out last Saturday on my errand day, I found this Fashionista running errands, too. She was rocking this awesome, tribal print maxi dress, which kept her cool in this summer heat. She was also showing off her great turquoise shell and pearl earrings while sporting Ray-Ban glasses for an “I’m grown and going to get stuff done today” look.

I love when people wear dark rimmed glasses; I think they look great on everyone. Ray-Bans are great because they come in both glasses and sunglasses. So, if you’re like me and don’t need glasses, you can at least buy the sunglasses.

One Simple Change: Maxi dresses are great for the summer! They’re so easy that you can throw on some super cute wedges and go from a day in the sun to night out with your girls. This Fashionista could have switched her sandals for white Converse and tied the bottom of the dress into side knot for a sporty, casual look, as well.