Picking out an outfit for running errands can be a difficult process. While what you’re wearing in these scenarios doesn’t particularly matter, you find yourself worrying about aspects of your outfit that you wouldn’t normally worry about. Personally, I always find myself concerned with the functionality of my outfits during errands. I want to look cute, but I also want to be comfortable.

When I’m going to the grocery store, I want to make sure I don’t get chilly in the frozen foods aisle. When I’m going to Home Depot to get my mom some new potted plants, I don’t wear my Sunday best because it will most likely end up covered in dirt or mud. It is important to plan accordingly when getting dressed for errands. But of course, there are some errand essentials that will always be appropriate: sensible shoes, loose pants and removable layers.

This Fashionista showcases the fundamentals of errand-running chic. Her slip-on cognac and mahogany strappy sandals feature a padded sole, ensuring maximum comfort when browsing through market aisles or sales racks. She pairs her lightweight white cotton blouse with a pair of stretchy distressed skinny jeans. She includes just a few very simple accessories: small stud earrings, a leather watch and a brown cross-body bag. The combination of the relaxed silhouettes, and the minimal and natural color scheme complete the Fashionista’s comfortable and laid back look. The carefree outfit is perfect for a day of running around and conquering those pesky to-do lists.

One Simple Change: Running errands for an upcoming vacation? Exchange the simple woven blouse for a dressier top in a bright color or fun pattern. Throw on a brimmed hat and some sunglasses, and you’re ready for your summer getaway!