One thing that everyone has in common is that they go on errands. Whether it’s for groceries, school, work or clothes, we all do it on a regular basis. With our crazy schedules, errands are usually in between classes or shifts. So, on those rare days when all you have to do is go run errands, you have no idea what to wear. Usually people throw on whatever clean T-shirt they can find and that pair of sweatpants they reserve for sick days. I’m occasionally a victim of this heinous act. This Fashionista, however, picked out a look perfect for those days reserved for running errands, which ironically is what she was doing when I ran into her!

Giving off a mix of feminine and bohemian vibes, this Fashionista paired her patterned white dress with a thin, three-quarter length sleeve navy cardigan. This flowy dress is a comfortable way to feel and look cool in this hot weather. The cardigan is a perfect transitional item for staying warm in air conditioned stores, but won’t make you hot and sweaty once you step outside. This Fashionista kept her accessories small and simple. She wore metallic sandals, aviator sunglasses, gemstone earrings, a necklace and a structured cross-body bag. The bag is beneficial because it is the perfect size to keep all of your necessities in but won’t be in the way while you’re constantly on the move. Make way for this Fashionista—she’s a woman on a mission!

One Simple Change: Your significant other wants to have a date night, but you don’t have enough time to pick out a completely new outfit. What should you do? Lose the cardigan, and switch your sandals with a pair of cork wedges. This will give you an elegant yet casual evening look.