After a long week of school and/ or work the weekend is finally here! You wake up on Saturday morning and realize you have errands to run. Sad face. What helps me run a long day of errands is looking magnificent. Just like everyone says ” when you look good, you feel good,” and when you feel good, anything is possible. On the weekends you have the option to dress up or dress down. More heads will turn, of course, if you choose to dress up while running errands but you will probably thank yourself later in the day if you go with a more casual look. Casual attire allows for those errands to be ran more comfortably.

This Fashionisto went with a casual look. He pairs his plaid button-down shirt with gray jeans. I love the color combination here because most people would have went for a blue jean but he slightly spices it up with gray denim, matching the colors in his shirt perfectly. He completes the look with comfortable gym shoes, a sliver watch and blue Ray-Ban sunglasses. The watch is a nice accent accessory and perfect for keeping track of time in a busy day of errands and the Ray-Ban sunglasses are to die for. This Fashionisto’s outfit works perfect for the occasion because it’s something he can move about in while still looking put together. Comfortable with a hint of sophistication, which is what I like.

One Simple Change: To make this look a summer outfit I would swap two items. Switch the gray jeans for either blue jean shorts or gray denim shorts. Trade the dark gym shoes for a white Converse sneaker. The white in the shoe would tie in nicely with the button-down shirt.