Running errands, whatever the chore, is never fun. To me, at least, it is always a struggle to stop whatever I’m doing and get myself to pick up my prescription at the drug store or my dress for tomorrow night from the tailor. Being the lazy girl that I am (not proud of it), having to look presentable to complete these tasks is sometimes a whole other ordeal. Tearing me away from my computer screen (my Pinterest boards, to be specific) is one thing, but changing out of my never-leaving-the-house yoga pants or snuggly robe is even worse, and usually the last thing I want to do. But picking out an outfit to run errands in really doesn’t have to be as difficult as one might think.

Take a look at this Fashionista’s outfit, for example. She has got the whole NYC effortless yet stylish on-the-go look to a tee. From the dark denim jeans to the simple white silk tank top, and down to her toes with a pair of black snakeskin espadrilles. Simple? Yes. Sensible? Yes. Stylish? Yes. Check, check and check! Clearly, this girl’s got the whole running errands thing down. A couple great staples are her black tote and everyday gold jewelry, which add some personality to her outfit.

One Simple Change: So let’s say that after running your last minute errands, you have to rush to the airport to catch a flight. With the comfort and practicality of this look, it works great for traveling as well. However, as the AC is usually blasting on planes (I’m always freezing), it would be a great idea to throw on a casual blazer or cardigan to keep you cozy during the flight.