The trend of wearing work out clothes when doing anything but working out has become so common! How about we start leaving the zip up jackets for yoga and wear something cute even if it’s just to run errands? Looking your best is nothing to be frowned upon… at least not in my book.

This look is incredibly simple; it’s basically a recipe. First, you start with the basics, leggings and a plain white shirt. These two together create endless possibilities. From here you can add something like an oversized scarf, jacket or even a poncho! This Fashionista went with a jean jacket. Still very simple, but the jean jacket adds a nice element of color to the look. Also, the white Converse brings out the white shirt hiding under the jacket!

Something interesting about this outfit is how well the black leggings and brown bag go together. In many cases, the accessories will bring these two colors together. Gold is found in this look frequently, since it is in the purse as well as her jewelry. It’s like the glue that binds the whole look together.

When running errands, you can either go casual or dress up a bit. Nobody knows where you’re going! Casual is usually an easy way out. By using this technique, this Fashionista was able to move around and be comfortable walking through town. Another part I like about this is the Louis Vuitton cross-body bag. It is perfect for running errands. It keeps just enough stuff in it that you will need, like your wallet, keys and sunglasses. Along with this it stays out of the way, and you don’t have to lug around a huge bag on your shoulder while you are out!

One Simple Change: If you have spent your whole day running errands, it’s time to do something fun! Switch out the sneakers for some wedges and even the light wash jean jacket for a darker one. These two changes will dress up your outfit for your night out.