Whether you squeeze them in between your weekday classes or schedule them for the weekends, everyone has to find the time to run their errands. If you are stopping by the mall in order to try on the shirt you have been eyeing for the past couple weeks, you want to choose an outfit that will be easy to take on and off in the dressing room. However, depending on the places and stores you need to go to, dressing the part is probably one of the last things on your mind. It’s easy to be casual and stylish while still dressing comfortably to run around town.

The summer season excites us all because it means that we can pull out our denim shorts and throw on a cute tank top. In this look, the Fashionista chose to style a pair of distressed denim shorts with a melon colored tank top. This is such an easy outfit to copy because the clothing pieces are basics that most of us already have hanging in our closets. To personalize this simple look, she added a gray and white ombré scarf. Adding any type of scarf, whether it is neutral or patterned, transforms any tank top and pair of shorts.

The sunglasses, Converse sneakers and Michael Kors watch absolutely complete the look. This Fashionista’s outfit is still super girly but the sneakers make it easy for her to pop in and out of her car and the stores. Her chic sunglasses keep her hair out of her eyes when she places them on top of her head, but they also look perfect with the the rest of her style.

One Simple Change: After running around all day long, every Fashionista knows that the only thing on her mind is meeting her girlfriends for a yummy dinner in town! By simply throwing on a white denim jacket this look would be perfect for a night out.