WHAT TO WEAR: Easy Athleisure

WHAT TO WEAR: Easy Athleisure

Your alarm goes off—it’s 9 a.m. Just when you’re about to roll over and head back to sleep, you remember that huge exam that just happens to begin in about 30 minutes. We’ve all been there at one point or another, right? You’re most likely to throw on your closest and comfiest pair of sweats and a baseball cap and run out the door. Being a busy college student, the clear majority of us are not willing to sacrifice comfort for looking good. Especially when in a hurry, which most individuals in society today are.

But, if you’re like me, or other Fashionistas/os, sometimes you want to be able to throw something together that’s cute, casual, and quick.

It is not a shocker to us that fashionable athletic wear is making a huge (and convenient) comeback. With everyone always on the go, the ability to make breathable, unique, and comfortable clothing fashionable is pleasing to everyone. Even companies like Adidas and Puma have seen this emerging and are collaborating with celebrities such as Rihanna to create their own collections of their take on the trend. With that, exercise sneakers and wind breakers aren’t going anywhere in 2017.

This Fashionista I found here today was my light bulb moment for realizing how versatile and easy it is to pair something athletic and make it look unbelievably chic. This navy blue wind breaker caught my eye instantly. Distressed jeans paired with an Adidas cap and a heavy turtle neck sweater to help combat the cold, have never looked so comfortable but so cool. This trend is truly something anyone can try!