5 Outfits For Every Stage of Finals Week

Welcome to the fashion-interpretation of the downward spiral that is finals week. We’ve all been there, from the 12 hour study sessions to the 12 episode Netflix procrastination binges. Here are the outfit ideas you’ll need to navigate through the hellish week ahead of you.

1—Prepared and Polished: You’re ready to KILL IT. Entering the week you’re feeling calm, collected, refreshed, and (secretly) excited knowing you’ll do nothing but study diligently for the next seven days with your gang. Here you’re thinking, “There’s no time to be sloppy— my grade is on the line. Let’s do this.” DISCLAIMER: this is the shortest stage in the cycle so enjoy it in style. (Photo via @mmoor)

2—Couches and Carbs: You’ve officially hit your max of to-dos for the day (or so you tell yourself), and suddenly you’re found vegging in your Calvins, binge watching Friends, and avoiding all responsibilities. In other words, here’s to all the hours you’ll waste in your natural habitat of sweatpants and pizza, as you reassure yourself, “I deserve this” after each slice. (Photo via @n_agem)

3—Stressed and Pressed (for time): You’re beginning to show signs of caffeine withdrawal and haven’t exactly found the time to shower, but it’s fine. Welcome to the panic phase, it’s officially crunch time. PRO TIP: Dry shampoo and on-the-go breakfast snacks are supremely important here.

You know the exam is practically moments away, yet for some reason all concepts and formulas have been misplaced in your head. You might deal with this by binge-eating, crying, pulling an all-nighter, calling your parents, or all of the above. Either way, you want something easy enough to put on, but cute enough to leave the house in, aka jumpsuits: one and done because your brain can’t handle much else ATM. (Photo via @sarahdewald)

4—Exam Day: The big day is here. You’ve lost 48 hours of sleep over this, and you got it, right?  Regardless of how much information you’ve absorbed thus far, you want to be comfy while you take your test so you aren’t distracted by itchy fabrics or super tight pants. But don’t forget to find the balance between comfy and chic. Looking good leads to feeling good, which can help you do better on your exam! And what’s more reliable than a white t-shirt and jeans combo when you’re questioning your existence? Nothing. (Photo via @welovethelms)

5—That’s a Wrap: Congratulations, you survived! It’s time to let your hair down, go out, and play! If you’ve made it through all your exams, you deserve a pat on the back and possibly a margarita (for the 21+). Dress up and go out, or heck, take a nap and recharge. You’ve officially earned a three months of unconditional “me time.” Happy summer! (Photo via @mmoor)

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