WHAT TO WEAR: Dreary Days

Picture this: you look outside your dorm room window and all you see is fog, slight rain, and well, nothing good. You check the weather app and it says it will be cloudy all day, and the temperature is around 45 degrees. It’s the PERFECT nap-all-day weather…but you have three classes to get to. So, you pull yourself out of bed only to remember that, oh no, you still need to find an outfit. Well, you are in luck. Here lies the perfect go-to dreary day outfit.

When it is gross and groggy out, layers are key. Although it may look cold and wet, it might actually be humid and mild… you never know until you take that first step outside. There is nothing worse than wearing a down coat in 55 degree weather, or a simple long sleeve T-shirt when it is 30 degrees out. The simple solution is LAYERS!

In this look, any college Fashionista could rock something similar to class. This outfit is so easy to throw on when you need to run out the door because you’re already five minutes late to class (oops, guilty). Although the outfit looks like it took time to prepare, it actually didn’t, and that, my friends, is the best part! You first start out by throwing on any pair of jeans. They can be skinny jeans, high waisted, boyfriend, etc. Pick out your favorite graphic T-shirt, and then bring on the layers! For this look, a mustard cardigan was placed underneath a teddy bear coat to reach ultimate comfort. For the final touches, throw on a fun scarf, retro glasses, and those lucky pair of Converse you own. And, that’s it! You’re all ready to rush to that 8 a.m.

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