WHAT TO WEAR: Dreaded Morning Class

Your alarm has gone off unreasonably early and it’s time to get ready for class. Either you are one of those well prepared people who have their clothes laid out the night before or you are staring at your closet wondering why you don’t have enough clothes. When you are faced with this early morning dilemma, it is very easy to throw on a pair of leggings and a big T-shirt, but not this Fashionista.

Comfort is not just limited to sweatpants and T-shirts. It can be achieved in lots of fashion forward outfits.

A pair of perfectly ripped jeans is the greatest statement to any outfit and this Fashionista loves to rock them. These jeans can be a great addition to any outfit if you don’t want to go for the same old pair of dark wash jeans. If you really want to be adventurous you can throw a pair of fishnet tights underneath them as well.

The best way to dress for an early morning class when it is chilly but will eventually warm up by the end of the day is to layer. Layering is the best option because you can easily shed one layer and still have a great outfit. This Fashionista chose to wear a vest with a pattern on the outside and cozy faux shearling on the inside. Once it gets warmer and the vest begins to come off, then there is this gorgeous tan cold shoulder sweater. Her necklace helps keep the sweater interesting if it was to be worn by itself. Then throw on a pair of boots to keep your legs warm as well if you go to school in a colder area.

This outfit can easily be worn on a fall weekend day. For example, wear this outfit on a day filled with the typical fall activities like apple picking or a visit to your local pumpkin patch.