WHAT TO WEAR: Downtown Coffee Shops

In downtown Minneapolis you can find a coffee shop on almost every block. Each coffee shop holds it’s own unique vibe, whether that mean it’s dark or light, old or modern, loud or quiet. Within each coffee shop you will find people doing homework or work tasks, meeting with an old friend for a social experience or someone just there to enjoy their coffee.

I asked a friend to get coffee with me about a week ago at a coffee shop named Spyhouse Coffee. This coffee shop includes dark lighting, rustic decorations, and a very social environment. Before heading there I didn’t put much thought into my outfit since I would be heading to yoga from there. I showed up to the coffee shop and thought my friend had the perfect outfit for this occasion.

The dark items of this outfit were set off by the white tank top worn under her black fur coat. Black fur coats are an essential item for a Fashionista’s outfit in the winter. You can pair it with many different items to dress it up or down. The black velour sneakers with the white platform ties in both the black from the coat and the white from the tank top. She wears dark jeans with this outfit that dresses down the outfit a tad to make it fit in at a coffee shop. Her purse is her only accessory, which works perfectly since a coffee shop look should be more simple and doesn’t require a lot of jewelry.

This outfit could easily be dressed up with more jewelry and different shoes for a night out. For a coffee shop look this outfit is simple enough to make it perfect for the occasion.