WHAT TO WEAR: Doubles on Denim

How do you feel about the denim-on-denim trend? Do you wear matching denim? Do you pair different shades of denim together?  Do you go over the top with denim-on-denim on more denim? Do you prefer distressed or patchwork denim? From jeans to shirts to jackets to shorts to skirts, it’s a fabric with endless outfit possibilities. Is there always a bit of denim in your outfits every day? Do you wear denim on Fridays?

Spring is almost here and I must say I see denim and stripes all over the fashion industry. It’s honestly a great combination especially with the season changing. Do you think seasons have an effect on denim as far as who’s wearing and purchasing these garments?

I see a lot of students wearing denim in college. Wearing an oversize denim jacket is really a big thing here in Chicago and around the campus. What’s your favorite style of denim? Do you like mom jeans, skinny jeans, wide-leg jeans, straight-leg jeans, high-waisted jeans, flared jeans, or oversize boyfriend jeans?

This Fashionisto gets the job done by staying casual with a long sleeve sweater, paired with a distressed denim jacket and dark wash jeans. He finishes the outfit by adding white sneakers and rings as his accessories. I’ve totally seen so many celebrities with this look. For example, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Beyoncé, Kanye West, and many more have worn this combination. Not only could this be a trend for Fashionistos, but it can also be one for Fashionistas. You can find good quality denim jeans at popular stores like H&M, Forever 21, Zara, and Topshop.