The new designer on the block is DIY (a.k.a. all the Fashionistas and Fashionistos out there). Thrifting does not have have to be just the old sweater or jean jacket, but can have some added flair.

This Fashionista is rocking a vintage GUESS jean jacket that was cut so that it is longer than the norm, but still staying away from robe length. The four pockets and noticeable buttons are what caught my eye as they play in between the lines of trendy and vintage.

As for the bodysuit, it is from American Apparel and can easily match a handful of outfits with the plain black aesthetic and subtly revealing V-shaped neckline. As for the jeans, the high waist is something a Fashionista can never go wrong with, especially if you are somewhat taller and on the curvy side. They help to suck it all in and manage to show off the booty at the same time. Win, win! The ripped aspect to the jeans also adds to the edgy look going on through this ensemble. My personal favorite out of all of the items that make up these outfits would have to be the accessories. The boots are almost platform wedges, and also give an edgy flair. Although they may look hard to walk in, this Fashionista confirms that she wears them to class all of the time and she can even power walk in them!

Chokers are now a necessity in life. It also completes the perfect amount of black in this outfit. There is no excuse not for having one because they can be made from just about anything. Taking strings off of other clothing pieces, using jeans, old shirts or belts, you can braid them, add sparkle or studs and DIY your way to a rad choker. The possibilities are endless. A personal issue can be that most chokers with clasps from stores are too loose and end up looking like a dog collar, so just make your own personal size, or one that can just tie in the back.

This Fashionista loves to “one-up” her classmates when it comes to her outfits. Personally love that motto, as it has been said that success does correlate with dress and the confidence that this brings you.