WHAT TO WEAR: Dining Downtown

The city of Lexington, KY is crawling with unique boutiques, exceptional eateries and extraordinary bars. You can find Fashionistas and Fashionistos of all styles, from bizarre and bold to cool and casual; I found one of those cool and casual Fashionistos before his night had begun.

Our Fashionisto chose a great outfit to enjoy dinner and explore the nightlife of Lexington. He decided to sport a blue button-down (because who doesn’t wear blue when you’re in Lex Vegas?) with a pair of dark khakis. He coordinated his shoes and belt creating a nice flow for the look.

This ensemble is perfect for a night out for multiple reasons! First of all, the light colors and breathable fabrics are essential when going out while the sun is still blazing–so you don’t get too hot of course. However, deciding to dress in pants is a smart idea due to the chilly night air that comes once the sun goes down. Second, the Fashionisto’s look is an impeccable mix of casual and formal. No one wants to be too fancy walking into a bar or too dressed down, which lead this Fashionista to dress right in the middle. Not to mention, this outfit looks comfortable enough to wear for a whole night. His leather shoes complement the cool and casual feel of this look while adding a rustic touch. He tops the casual outfit off by rolling his sleeves.

This outfit works effortlessly for our featured Fashionisto for dining downtown, but the pieces can easily be exchanged to create a new appearance! Keep the shirt, throw on a pair of gray chinos with a navy or black blazer and you’ll have yourself a fresh look (perhaps for a date)!