WHAT TO WEAR: Denim on Denim

Hello! It’s getting cold up here in the North with no warning whatsoever. The mornings are cool, mid-days are sunny and the nights require a sweater. The most challenging part about this weather is deciding what you are going to wear throughout the day. Especially if you go to a commuter school, like myself, you have to consider wardrobe changing in between classes is not an option, unfortunately. This season I’m loving the layers and everyone’s creative way of beating this weather. Trust me, it’s harder than it sounds and the Fashionista/os around me might agree.

I chose a look worn by one of my close friends from school. Her style is bold and eye-catching. She pulled off this denim on denim so well! I love the light colors and the pastel accessories that complement each other throughout the outfit. The outfit is bold but subtle at the same time.The knitted sweater adds some texture to the style which I feel is important when layering. When I attempt the denim on denim, I’m challenged by the uniform style but this top gives me the idea to add items with depth or patterns. Remember how I mentioned it’s sunny mid-day? This Fashionista is prepared with her blue and pink glasses. Initially, my favorite part of the outfit was the color scheme going on in the neckline. All the colors blend with one another, starting from the amethyst and pink stone necklace to the white Converse with a red strip. This outfit is successful in the way that there isn’t so much focus on one thing. She did a wonderful job beating this transitional time in seasons. This weather has thrown a wrench on the traditional styles for the college commuters but everyone is ready now after a few trail and errors (haha).

I am so excited to see more Fashionistas on campus this semester. I have my camera ready for next month!  Thanks for reading and stay tuned.