WHAT TO WEAR: Dazed and Weather Confused

Once we reach the beginning of the winter months in New York City, temperatures start to drop which leaves us at an awkward, not too warm, yet not too cold type of weather. While putting together an outfit for these weather confused type of days we wonder, “How do I dress for this?” It is hard to know if it is scarf and hat weather yet. What is the answer?

While walking down the streets of Manhattan, I see many mixed outfits. Some people are already wearing layers, while some are just keeping it simple with a sweater and pair of jeans. When I spotted this Fashionista, I immediately noticed her gorgeous oversized jacket. It seemed like the perfect material to stay comfortable in this weather.

This Fashionista paired her neutral colored jacket with a pair of black skinny jeans and a black shirt underneath. This helps put the spotlight on her staple item, the jacket. Another thing you have to consider in this weather is footwear. Her shoes are the perfect answer: black suede knee-high boots. Not only are knee-high boots trendy, but they add an extra layer of warmth. Another essential is her adorable purse that’s the perfect size. The shearling detail of her purse complements the light cozy fabric of her jacket. All in all, her look is simple yet fashionable.

While having a day full of walking throughout New York City, it is extremely important to stay comfortable especially in cold weather. This Fashionista had an effortless winter outfit. She is ready to take on the city with no worries.