WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

When you’re a college girl on the go, you need a comfortable, stylish and transitional outfit to outlast your busy day. From morning classes to dinner with friends, you’ve got a lengthy to do list and no time to waste with wardrobe changes. How many times have you wished you had something to throw on in two minutes flat but look incredibly put together?

I present to you: the jumpsuit. Fashion’s most versatile one-piece wonder is vastly underrated. With origins in the 1920’s, this striking silhouette symbolizes both power and grace still today. Timeless modernity is the pinnacle of dressing. Think of it like the shirt dress’ jet-set older sister; smart and composed, with double the sophistication and a little bit of sass.

This piece is perfect for our busy Fashionista here as she is out and about from dawn to dusk. Her bohemian printed jumpsuit looks as effortless as it does chic which is just what one needs for a day to night look. Accessories are simple here with oversized sunnies, neutral sandals and a crisp bag with a fun puff keychain. The icing on the cake is her subtle jewelry that accents the beading on the bodice of the jumpsuit.

One Simple Change: Is an interview or class presentation squeezed into your schedule? Add a blazer atop the jumpsuit for instant business polish in no time. Sophistication and comfort with minimal effort, that’s day to night fashion done right.