WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

Your schedule is packed back to back between work, errands and meeting your friends, leaving you simply no time to go home and change. If you have ever been in this dilemma, then you need to take inspiration from this Fashionista’s outfit, which can easily and fashionably take you from day to night. It all starts with a great dress in a neutral color which flatters your skin tone and hair color. It should also have clean-cut lines making it able to be easily accessorized. This will allow you to adjust your look according to your specific needs. The dress should hit at least a little above the knee so that it is appropriate for your school, work or internship. This is assuming that your workplace has a more casual dress code, otherwise select a midi-length dress.

After choosing your dress base, you will want to add a jacket if the weather requires it. This Fashionista opted for a soft pink leather jacket, which is both professional and stylish. The choice of pink over the traditional black leather jacket makes it polished for the day, but flirty and fun for the evening. To accessorize, a choker necklace is an awesome option because it is modern-chic for the day and has a rocker edge for nighttime. If a choker is too bold for your work or school, wear something simpler to substitute for the day and switch to the choker for nighttime. Feel free to put on any bracelets or rings to help add your own personal flair.

If you’re going to be gone all day, bring a large bag such as a tote with you. You want to make sure that you don’t forget anything you need by trying to squeeze into a smaller bag. For shoes, opt for something that gives you a little height. Chunky heels or booties are the perfect selection for day to night because they are more casual and comfortable than stilettos. This Fashionista’s lace-up booties remain consistent with the edginess of the look but are more practical for walking. Another hidden accessory that this Fashionista took advantage of is her nail polish. The light blue color works great against the neutral tones in this outfit and gives the look a punch of color in a sophisticated way.

The secret to mastering the day to night outfit is to take neutral pieces as the base and use unique, swappable accessories to spice up your look. Remember, hair and makeup make all the difference!

One Simple Change: If you have concert tickets for the evening time, swap out the large tote bag for a small cross-body bag or backpack. If there is not even a moment to spare then all you need to do is add a bold red or purple lip color, some eyeliner to smoke up your look and beach spray to help create effortlessly tousled waves. Now you are all set to dance the night away!